10 beliefs that can kill your lightworker business

The beliefs that you have about your spiritual business can make it or break it. If you believe that you are destined to be successful making a living as a healer, your belief and intention will attract the circumstances to make that true. On the other hand, if you have doubts about whether you can, in fact, make money as a lightworker or spiritual healer, you’ll attract that outcome as well.

thinking businessmanSome beliefs are more harmful than others. Here are ten beliefs that can sink your lightworker business before it even gets started.

1. The work I do is my passion so I shouldn’t get paid for it.

2. I can’t make a living providing healing services on a full-time basis.

3. I don’t have to learn business principles if I follow my heart.

4. There is nothing spiritual about business.

5. I must keep my metaphysical work separate from the rest of my life.

6.  I should let people pay by donation, or give whatever they want for my services.

7. I don’t know enough to charge for my healing services.

8. It’s wrong for me to make a profit on healing or spiritual services.

9. I should only work on my business when I feel inspired.

10. Challenges or obstacles mean I’m not meant to pursue my healing business.

How to change your negative beliefs about your lightworker business

Recognizing your flawed beliefs is half of the battle. If you have a belief that doesn’t serve the growth of your lightworker business, you want to find a way to re-train your mind so that you can begin to see more possibilities as far as your business is concerned.  If you take the time and make an effort to improve your positive attitude, you’ll see a change in your life.

Dr. Robert Anthony is a Law of Attraction expert who was  asked by the author of The Secret, Rhonda Byrne, to participate in the project but he said ‘no’ because he saw that The Secret left out some key facets of the spiritual law. In fact, according to Dr. Anthony, if you approach manifesting what you want the way most  ‘experts’ suggest, you’ll  be disappointed.

Instead, he came up with The Secret of Deliberate Creation, a Law of Attraction training system that provides the piece of information that The Secret and so many other Law of Attraction systems do not. Anthony focuses on the power of BELIEVING rather than simply thinking. You can’t just slap a positive thought over a negative belief. Anthony  focuses on getting your conscious and subconscious minds to work together, which is what has to happen in order for positive thinking to work.

If you’ve tried to use Law of Attraction principles and they’re not working, the reason is simple. You don’t really believe what you’re thinking about. You have to reprogram those beliefs first. Once you change the belief, then you can go back to the positive thinking and it will work because it reflects your belief. Of course reprogramming those beliefs isn’t as easy as it sounds. But Anthony’s program offers a step-by-step approach, so no matter how ingrained those beliefs are, you can uproot them and replace them with the beliefs that you need to manifest the successful healing business that you want.

If you want to change your beliefs surrounding your ability to build a successful lightworker business — and belief creates reality — download The Secret of Deliberate Creation now.


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